Mission To the Unreached (partner of Inpursuit International) started Vineyard Home in the month of July 1999 in Noida, a suburb town of Delhi, India. The founder of this noble institution is Pastor Varghese Thomas. He is supported in this humble mission by his wife Mrs. Valsamma Varghese. The aim of the home is to give shelter to the destitute, orphan & socially-exploited children by providing then with a homely environment & education that will nurture them towards a brighter and fruitful future.

Pastor Varghese owns the responsibility for the administrative work in the Vineyard Home. He also shoulders the responsibility for the "Mission to the Unreached". His main goal is to reach out for the people who reside in the slum areas.

At the moment, Vineyard Home is working like a shelter home for street children who have lost their way home. At the home, immediate shelter with proper food, clothing and care is provided. The children are brought here for temporary shelter till they are restored to their families. Currently, children who are below 10 years are residing at the home. The ones who are not being able to restored are sent to school for primary education.

To be noted:

  1. This home is run by free will offerings and donations from well wishers
  2. This home does not accept cooked food
  3. Visiting hours are between 2:30 PM to 5 PM
  4. No big groups are allowed to visit without prior permission
  5. Volunteers are always welcome and needed for counselling, nursing, education and awareness

Our children study in our private school, The Saviour’s School, which follows the CBSE syllabus. We also have a program for volunteers who would like to tutor them on a regular basis. Most of these kids are outstanding in their studies.


A system is in place for regular health check up. We have Dr. Nilin Aggarwal, Noida, who is the usual doctor. We emphasize on nutritious food and are very strict on junk foods given by our donors. Certain kids have calcium deficiency and they are given special attention.


It doesn’t take a lot to bring a smile on the face of a child. It is our sincere dedication to help maintain that smile, all along the journey of growth and education, in the lives of these children. In our endeavor to provide the possible for the children, there are some projects that need immediate attention. Come; shoulder our eagerness and dedication, to bring about a life-long change in the lives of these future ‘shapers’ of our society at large.

We are seeking help in order to meet the needs of the children whom we work with. We have operations in various locations & many children are benefiting from our programs – enabling them to stand on their own feet. For your perusal, we assure that these projects would be used exclusively for the development of the orphan & destitute children.




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